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FP-QUI  v.1451

FP-QUI generates popup-windows that provide users a quick and ubiquitous interface to practically any application that supports command line instructions or named

Office Application Server  v.1.0

Office Application Server (AOS) is intended to allow users to run multiple MS office applications as windows services.

XeTeX - Unicode-based TeX  v.1.0

XeTeX is Unicode-based TeX using platform fonts and font technologies (e.g. AAT on Mac OS X or OpenType features on Mac/Linux/Windows) to provide typesetting for all the world's scripts.

Service Platform  v.1.0

The Service Platform is used to manage distributed java computing environments. Java applications can be automatically distributed, installed and managed from a client with monitoring and log viewing, integrates with UNIX init and Windows Services.

TopRunnerAll  v.1.0

An eclipse plug-in to control windows services and other kind of application with start and stop operation, run a single executable command or open a folder.

WinServices Library  v.1.6.0

WinServices is full encapsulation of Microsoft Windows Services API. Implements a service with just a ONE user procedure (+customization, events, system logging, ansi/unicode support..) Controls, describes, manipulates local/remote services

Enterprise ASP.NET Suite  v.1.0.0

Localization, localizable e-mail, developer-specific configurations, URL rewriting, Windows services, UAC, payment gateways, etc. This project actually uses the Code Project Open License (CPOL). Please see downloaded files for details.

Service Invocation Framework  v.1.0

The Service Invocation Framework ( SIF ) is a framework for stream lining the creation & deployment of .NET Windows Services. It contains all of the plumbing and base classes required to create a windows service from scratch.

Wsgisvc  v.

A script to install paste deployment configurations as windows services

Document re-arranger  v.1.6.2

This program helps you to filter only lines (of a text file) that contains a specific string/text.

File Impersonator  v.

A unique and special file renamer.

Out of juice - Power status monitor  v.1.0

Isn't annoying when you accidentally disconnect the power adapter of your laptop and run on battery until it runs out of juice?

Compact NFO Viewer  v.1.5.6

Compact NFO Viewer - viewer for text files containing ASCII Art and description files (NFO/DIZ/TXT).

Windows Service Finder  v.1.0

Windows Service Finder is an handy tool for system administrators and hackers. It shows the complete list of installed services on operating system, both device drivers (kernel) and Win32 EXE, and for each service it reports detailed informations

Windows Service Install Manager  v.1.0

As a part of ensuring that theyve created an efficient computing environment administrators often need to disable, add, remove and edit services running on their Windows environment. Many administrators and developers have struggled in the past

LF Aligner for Windows  v.2.56

LF Aligner helps translators create translation memories from texts and their translations.

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