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  • IpFax Center  v.2.1Leveraging the power of current technology, Silex Cubed ipFax Center works together with Microsoft Windows to provide a fast, effective fax protocol that allows employees to fax several documents from any application with the click of a button.
  • Service Protector  v.3.5Service Protector monitors your mission critical Windows Services and keeps them running 24/7. Service Protector will automatically restart your service if it crashes, hangs, hogs the CPU, uses too much memory, or fails your own customized ...
  • SrvMan  v.1.0SrvMan is a tool for creating, removing and controlling Windows Services. It can be used to create driver/win32 services from GUI or console mode. Additionally, it can run any Win32 application as a system service. Supports both x86 and x64 versions ...
  • Advanced Win Service Manager  v.3.1Advanced Win Service Manager is the specialized software for smarter analysis of Windows Services.
  • Argon Network Switcher  v.1.3.0Argon is an open source utility with the aim to supply multiple network configuration in Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • AdvancedWinServiceManager  v.2.0.1Smart Way To Manage Windows Services ...
  • ManageEngine OpManager Free Edition  v.5.5ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive, easy to use Network, Systems and Applications monitoring software that offers integrated fault and performance management functionality ...
  • SyncMate  v.7.0SyncMate syncs data on Mac with Android and iOS devices, Windows services (Outlook, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Home accounts), other Macs, Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts, any mounted storage devices, MTP devices.
  • Checklan Alerter 100 SQL  v.5.2.2Agentless, Checklan Alerter is the the most simple and effective solution to supervise all your computers. Checklan Alerter monitor all Performances counters, windows services, Processes, Printers, Sockets, Hardware, Hot fixes Drives, Shares, etc...
  • Sentry-go Quick Service Availability Monitor  v.4.0Quick & easy monitoring and alerting utility, monitors Windows services and processes. If faults are detected, automatic action or alerts can be invoked quickly & efficiently. Status reports are available directly through integrated web server.
  • Checklan Central Admin  v.2.0.0Checklan Central Admin is the easiest and powerful way to monitor, manage, inventory and act remotely on, all Performances counters, windows services, Processes, Printers, Sockets, Hardware, Hot fixes, Drives, Shares, OS, Disk, AD and MSI softwares.
  • Startup Manager  v. Manager is a free utility for Microsoft Windows users, which helps them to have a better control on Windows startup items. Startup Manager manages Startup items, Windows services, shows system info, makes HTML reports.
  • ServiceKeeper  v.4.7.39Administration, Monitoring and Recovery of any networked resources (Windows Services, TCP/IP Services, web servers, routers, file systems, Process memory and CPU usage, Event Log, ...) and notifcation in case of downtime (email, SMS, phone call, ...) ...
  • AppToService  v.2.8AppToService lets you run regular applications and servers as Windows services. This allows you to have some of the benefits of a Windows service, such as the ability to run an application even when no user is logged on the computer.
  • Service Account Manager  v.5.01.060531Service Account Manager is a powerful mass management tool for the automated and remote management of Windows services. The tool provides a single view of all services on all managed systems.
  • My Journal  v.1.3.1Brief Description:Mac and Windows XP provide increased color management. Five "inkpots" have been added to store colors from the Color Wheel. To change text color, highlight the text and click on an inkpot with the desired color.You can choose font, ...
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